Smart Charging services

Load Balancing

When managing multiple charging stations, you may wish to designate the maximum amount of energy provided to your charging stations.  Load Balancing ensures that you never surpass this amount while distributing the available electricity proportionally across all active charging stations.  This will save you on demand charges, allowing you to stay within your desired amount.  



Hub/ Satellite Configuration

To manage multiple charging stations at a given location, EV-Box enables your charging stations to communicate with your cloud-based management system via a single modem. The first charging station serves as the main communicator (Hub), to which all remaining charging stations (Satellites) are connected. The charging stations are all connected with each other via a UTP grid cable. With this configuration, you can reduce monthly costs of data plans, and you can easily install and manage all charging stations through a centralized system.



Smart Charging

Smart Charging defines all intelligent functionalities and protocols in EV-Box's charging stations that optimize the charging infrastructure. This is possible through the creation and distribution of all available electricity in an efficient and flexible manner. With Smart Charging, you will avoid unnecessary costs and get the most out of your charging stations in situations of limited electric capacity. Smart Charging is a unique interaction between the supply and demand of energy. Learn more



Warranty Agreement

We provide a two year manufacturer's warranty, and customers have the option of purchasing an extended warranty for up to five years of coverage.  Products under warranty are entitled to premium customer and technical asistance.  The warranty agreement covers any manufacturing defects, excluding any errors that may have been caused my misuse.