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Meet Our BusinessLine

BusinessLine US Fixed CableAs a property manager, you have a lot on your mind.  Reducing operational costs, keeping your tenants happy, and minimizing your workload are key.  Here at EV-Box, we want to make your job as easy as possible.  We do this by providing top-of-the line hardware and functionality at a mid-market price.  Our BusinessLine enables users to charge their electric vehicles easily, quickly and safely.  By using the best materials and most intelligent software an EV-Box charging station requires the least amount of maintenance, allowing you to keep doing what you’re doing to succeed.

BusinessLine charging stations are available with one or two charging points, the latter specifically designed for the commercial market.  Our charging stations are available in various models, for all desired capacities.  They come in five standard colors or, upon request, in your company colors and with customizable labels.  EV-Box also offers Smart Charging services and partners with the best network management platforms in the business to enable you to make use of your charging station(s) in the most cost-effective way

Installation at your company

EV-Box collaborates internationally with installers who are qualified and trained to ensure a safe and professional installation of your charging station(s) on your company property.

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Why you need an EV-Box

  • The BusinessLine allows you to promote your Corporate Social Responsability for your company, with the ability to integrate your brand’s colors, logo and identity
  • Generate additional revenue as EV drivers need to charge somewhere and are willing to pay for this service
  • The LED ring ensures a good communication between the station, the user, the operator, and your management system.
  • The BusinessLine is available in various capacities and responsibly manages energy usage
  • The BusinessLine can be set up in a Hub / Satellite arrangement, which saves you extra subscription fees by allowing multiple charging stations to communicate via just a single modem
  • The BusinessLine uses Smart Charging functionalities, which enables your charging stations to consume and distribute power efficiently
  • EV-Box, via our network partnerships, settles your electricity costs automatically with your staff and leasing partner
  • Charging station management and software optimization can be done remotely
  • EV-Box, via our network partnerships, enables businesses to set up charging times (e.g. to endorse charging in off-peak hours)
  • The BusinessLine is available in five standard colors or your brand color
  • The BusinessLine’s cover is discoloration proof, impact-resistant and non-flammable
  • The BusinessLine has a modular build and requires only a minimum amount of maintenance
  • The BusinessLine can be mounted on the wall or on a pole
  • EV-Box charging stations are fully CE, CUL and UL certified

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