EV charging for workplaces

The U.S. has seen a 33% increase in electric vehicles every year since 2012. EV-Box helps businesses and workplaces offer the right charging solution for their staff, customers and guests.

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To maintain top talent and productivity within your work force, it is essential to prepare your facility for the future. This requires discovering new perks and benefits for your staff and guests as well as fostering a sustainable corporate identity. As more and more individuals embrace the EV driving experience, access to charging stations has become a necessity for many of your
employees and customers.

Facilitate your staff and impress your guests 

Implement your logo and brand colours onto your EV-Box Charging stations. Boost the identity of your company and allow the community to recognize your sustainable and innovative actions.

Automate the administration of all charging costs

We allow business owners to easily manage the charging sessions of their staff, faculty and guests. Our network partners provide cloud- based management software to personalize the user and automatically collects the usage fees.

Be cost and energy efficient

We help you to easily manage and gain insight into your charging sessions. We also help you to prevent over loading your circuit capacity and distribute the load between vehicles, saving you costly circuit upgrades and demand charges. Learn more about our Smart Charging services.

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