EV charging for parking facilities

95% of the day a car is parked; maximize the revenue of your parking space with EV charging. 

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Each business has parking spaces to its disposal, yet each business is unique. Some only need something as simple as installing a branded charging station, some need to enable Smart Charging services that allow an energy- and cost-efficient operation of all chargers, such as Load Balancing and Hub / Satellite Configurations. We help you to find the most suitable solution that answers your business' and customers' needs. 

EV Charging for Hotels & Restaurants

Allow EV drivers to charge during the most practical time of their visit – while their car is parked. Attract new customers by putting yourself on the map (and hotel and restaurant locators) as a green and sustainable organization offering charging facilities.

EV Charging for Car Parks

Your charging stations are accessible to your customers during business hours or even beyond. With configurable rates and charging times, we enable your charging services to become seamlessly integrated with your parking facility. Our technical services and accessories will also allow your charging stations to always operate optimally, above and underground. 

EV Charging for Retail Properties

Schedule various charging prices based on time of day, and customize your charging stations to best represent your brand identity.  EV-Box stations help future-proof your facility ensuring satisfaction from your customers now, and down the road. 

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