The perfect charging infrastructure for fleet managers

Leverage electric vehicles and smart charging to reduce the costs of managing your fleet. 

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A new age of fleet management with e-mobility

Managing a fleet isn’t an easy job, but here at EV-Box we want to make it easier. Profitability is the bottom line for any business, so we continue to pamper our customers with the most energy and cost-efficient solutions. We found in a recent study that electric vehicles save upwards of $10,000 over their life-cycle compared to gasoline driven fleets. Let EV-Box build on your savings by offering the most affordable and energy-efficient charging solution for your fleet!

Seamless integration

With multiple ways of accessing our charging stations, you can use current employee RFID cards to access your stations.  Our network partners also assist with integrating station mangement with your own management systems, making your life a little easier.  Meet our network providers here.  

Manage multiple charging stations

We help you to prevent overcapacity and maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other appliances.  Compared to other charging stations, we can help you save up to 20% of your charging costs!  To learn more, check our the benefits of Smart Charging.  


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A state-of-the-art charging solution
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