Mercedes-Benz S550e

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the finest example of our brand promise: "The best or nothing." Groundbreaking innovation, peerless comfort and dynamic performance are just a few of the hallmarks of the S-Class, and now we can add fuel efficiency to that list with the all-new 2015 S-Class Plug-In Hybrid. (Source)

 Cable Type Charging Station: SAE J1772

 Battery: 8.7 kWh Lithium-ion (Li-ion)

 Max. capacity: 3.7 kW

 Electric range: 20 miles

 Time to charge: 2 hours 20 minutes

 Plug location: Located behind the back wheel

Under ideal circumstances, the car reaches 20 miles fully powered by electricity. Cold temperatures and driving habits may affect the electric range.


A charging station for: Work

Charging at work

We recommend a BusinessLine charging station for fast and easy charging of your Mercedes-Benz S550e at work.

BusinessLine is available with dual or single sockets, as a pole or wall model. Charging up to two cars simultaneously through a single modem with dual sockets, BusinessLine is specifically suited for the commercial market. Customize your BusinessLine with six standard colors and/or with your brand color(s) and logo, and make the most out of its functionalities with our Smart Charging services.

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Benefits of EV-Box charging stations

  • It's a much safer option than charging through a regular electricity socket
  • It charges up to 8 times faster than a regular outlet
  • Our charging stations are colour-fast, impact-resistant and non-flammable
  • It can be mounted on a wall but also to a pole
  • It's available in six colours or in your own RAL color
  • It measures energy consumption
  • EV-Box charging stations are available in different power capacities
  • BusinessLine has a modular build and thus requires only minimal maintenance
  • Charging station management and software optimization can be done remotely with one of our network partners
  • The LED ring of each EV-Box charging station provides a clear status indication
  • Our network partners enable settlement of your electricity costs automatically with your employer or leasing company, or between your business and private use
  • Our charging stations are equipped with smart charging technology