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Safe, reliable and easy to install. This is the friendliest charging station for residential use.

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Green living is becoming increasingly important to renters and buyers alike. EV drivers need a consistant and reliable place to charge, and doing so at home is not only ideal but a necessity. In an incredibly competitive market, this is a great way to stand out.

Meet your tenants' needs by gauranteeing a fully charged car every time they leave their home.  

Charging from home, safe and fast

We promise you a faster, safer and more durable charging experience with the help of our expansive network of qualified installers that set up the most compatible charging station with your property's and cars' capacity.

Get rewarded for going green

Not only do charging stations attract unique customers, but they increases your property value and provides LEED points. You can even generate additional revenue by setting rates for station usage. 

Manage multiple charging stations

We help you to maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any other appliances.  By maximizing your available energy capacity, we help our customers save up to 25% on operational costs.  Check out how Smart Charging works here.  

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A state-of-the-art charging solution
that puts you in charge.

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Electric cars

EV-Box charging solutions are compatible with every electric car in the market.

Discover which charging station is the best match for you. 

Mitsubishi Outlander
BMW i3
Tesla Model S
Chevrolet Volt
Volkswagen E-Golf