Towards sustainable mobility

Meet the engine behind e-mobility and how we strive everyday to make the world a more sustainable place to move.

How it all started

EV-Box was founded in the Netherlands in 2010, at which time the market for electric vehicles (EVs) was still in its infancy. In the last six years, EV-Box has grown to become the global market leader with over 40,000 charging stations across the globe. The concept was clear: a charging station with fully modular construction ready to facilitate the explosion of the EV market, while simultaneously providing uncompromising quality and durability.

The iconic LED ring has become a symbol for charging in public spaces, an unmistakable and welcome feature of many city streets.

As a technology leader, EV-Box is now the largest producer and supplier of charging stations for electric vehicles worldwide. The success of EV-Box can be attributed to our 100% focus on electric vehicles, commitment to quality, continuous innovation and an unrelenting drive for client satisfaction.

EV-Box stations have already been installed from Shanghai to Monaco and from Rome to Stockholm. Drive safe, charge often!


EVBox'ers Around The World


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Our Partner-centric Approach

At EV-Box, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We believe that to expand and improve our products & services we need to partner with the very best. We have developed an approach that brings together quality, partnership excellence, and industry leadership.

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What we stand for

Our mission is to offer the best electric charging experience to electric vehicle owners, businesses and electricity providers around the world by providing high quality, easy-to-use charging points.

Just like the automobile replaced the horse and carriage, so will electric vehicles replace combustion-based automobiles. Every type of Electric Vehicle (EV) will be able to charge at any charging point, regardless of brand, provider or country. A charging point at every parking spot, an Electric Vehicle for every home.


We charge electric vehicles

EV-Box provides charging stations to businesses, parking operators and individuals and is the operator behind public charging networks in several countries.

EV-Box offers the safest, fastest and most user-friendly charging experience to electric vehicle owners, businesses and electricity providers by providing high quality charging solution. EV-Box's electrical charging solutions are universal and can be operated by any electric vehicle model.